Dramatis Personae

Spaced Invaders is full of fun characters, which are divided into Martians, Big Bean locals and non-humans/non-Martians.

The Martians

Picture of the Menacing Martian Invaders

But Dad, they're not really bad, they're just stupid.


The stars of the film are, of course, the five Martian invaders. They're led by the imperious, but rather thick witted, Captain Bipto and his loyal but intensely stupid Lieutenant Giggywig. Doctor Ziplock is the groups science officier and the so-cool-he-doesn't-need-a-rank Blaznee flies the asteroid patrol ship. Finally Corporal Pez gets all the dirty jobs.

Captain Bipto

Picture of Captain Bipto

What's the problem? Just vaporise, everyone, everything, boof, mission accomplished, medals, awards, a parade, next!

Captain Bipto is the leader of the Martian crew. He is imperious, vain and thick witted.

Bipto is played by Jimmy Briscoe and spoken by Jeff Winklis [who is in the database as Jeff Winkless but appears as Winklis on the credits].

Lieutenant Giggywig

Picture of Lieutenant Giggywig

We interrupt your lives to bring you a special announcement. The Martians have landed. Prepare to die Earth scum!

Lieutenant Giggywig is Captain Bipto's right hand man. As such he apes all of Bipto's attributes, being supercillous, vain and stupid. He is also boastful, bossy and generally obnoxious, with a tendency to violence. All that a Martian warrior should be!

Giggywig is played by Tommy Madden and spoken by Tony Pope.

Doctor Ziplock

Picture of Doctor Ziplock

It's the most insidious weapon I have ever seen.

Doctor Ziplock is the Martian science officier, ever ready with the perfect electronic gadget for the situation. His radar glasses and strangely-germanic accent lend credence to his position as the brains of the outfit.

Ziplock is played by Debbie Lee Carrington and spoken by Joe Alaskey.


Picture of Blaznee

Kids, 3D and driving just don't mix.

Blaznee is the ultra-cool, RayBan wearing, bomber jacket-clad pilot of the ship.

Blaznee is played by Kevin Thompson.


Picture of Pez

I knew it, I'm going home in a bag. It's always the corporal that gets blown up first.

Pez is young, raw and inexperienced but thinks he knows everything and has a mouth that will one day get him into trouble.

Pez is played by Tony Cox and spoken by Bruce Lanoil.

The Locals

Picture of Some Big Bean Citizenry

Oh, they look just like the Sheriff's nephews.

Mrs Vanderspool

The locals of Big Bean, Illinois are a reasonable unexiciting bunch, unprepared for the adventures that lie ahead. The main characters are Sheriff Oxley, his daughter Kathy, her friend Brian, Mr Wrenchmuller, Steve W Klembecker "Chairman of the Farmer's Trust", Deputy Russell and his brother Vern (mostly seen as the astonishing Verndroid)

Sheriff Sam Oxley

Picture of Sheriff Oxley

This kind of thing is not supposed to happen in small towns. I moved out here to get away from things like this!

Sheriff Oxley, and his young daughter Kathy, have just moved into town in an attempt to escape the dramas of big city life after the death of his wife.

Sheriff Oxley is played by Douglas Barr.

Kathy Oxley

Picture of Kathy

Everyone's probably going to show up dressed like scarecrows and pigs and clowns and stuff. I'm not sure Big Bean is ready for aliens.

Kathy Oxley, the sheriff's daughter, gets mixed up with the Martians after encountering them on a trick-or-treat.

Kathy Oxley is played by Ariana Richards.

Brian "The Duck"

Picture of Brian in His Duck Costume

Well if you ever need a little brother, just give me a call.

Brian in one of the local kids, off to trick-or-treat on Halloween night, dressed in his magnificent duck costume.

Brian is played by J J Anderson.

Mr Wrenchmuller

Picture of Mr Wrenchmuller

There's Martians, I knew it! Oh well Jim, it looks as if me and you is the Earth's only hope. That's kinda sad, ain't it? Well I guess it's better to die horrible agonising deaths defending the Earth, than to wither away with Marge and her poodle.

Not only is Mr Wrenchmuller's farm is about to forclosed upon, it's also being invaded by Martians. Not a good day for him, or is it? At least he's still got his trusty friend Jim.

Mr Wrenchmuller is played by Royal Dano.

Steve W Klembecker

Picture of Klembecker

Come on Vern, hurry it up. I've got a cold beer and a hot woman and I'm trying to get them that way.

Steve W Klembecker is a short, horrible, obnoxious man, obsessed with money. As president of the Farmer's Trust, he's trying to shut down Wrenchmuller's farm.

Klembecker is played by Gregg Berger.

Deputy Russell Pilsbury

Picture of Deputy Russell

No licence, no registration, no headlights, no plates, no taillights, no wheels, and I caught you going 3000 miles per hours, that's 2945 miles an hour in excess of the posted limit. $10 for every 5 miles an hour over the limit, ohh, you're going to do time pal. You may even get the chair for this..

Deputy Sheriff Russell Pilsbury is a simple man, well-suited for his environment. Until his environment changes of course.

Deputy Russell is played by Fred Applegate.

Vern Pilsbury

Picture of Vern

Sick and tired of that old jerk Klembecker, pushing everyone around. That's it, I'm gonna finished the plans for this Farmzoid of mine and some day I'm going to be able to irrigate every field farms in town and make all the farms healthy again. And I'll just pick up that Farmers Trust of his and drop kick it into the next county. He thinks he's such a hot shot. It will work…

Vern is the local garage mechanic, meek, unassuming, downtrodden. That is until Bipto transforms him into Verndroid.

Vern is played by Wayne Alexander.


Other human members of the cast include:

The Non-Humans/Non-Martian

Much of the action is Spaced Invaders is centred around the non-Human non-Martian members of the cast, including the dangerous Enforcer Drone, the oh-so-cute Scout in a Can, Mr Wrenchmuller's faithful and remarkably intelligent dog Jim, the astounding Verndroid and the biggest diversion of them all, the Farmzoid.

Enforcer Drone

The Enforcer Drone on the Alien Command Ship

To ensure our complete success, all ships throughout the galaxy have been equipped with enforcer drones, to remove any weak links in the command chain. Any deviation from the Master Invasion Plan will result in immediate disciplinary review.

The Enforcer Drone is definitely the bad guy of the movie but will its mindless attempts to ensure compliance to the Master Invasion Plan result in the destruction of the earth?

The voice of the Enforcer Drone is credited to Patrick Johnson but it is more likely to be the director, Patrick Read Johnson.

Scout in a Can

Picture of Scout in a Can

Scout in a Can, smart, efficient, easy to use and it's expendable!

Scout in a Can (AKA Shortstuff), part of the Martian's World Domination Kit, is just the go for investigating those suspicious mindfields.

Scout in a Can's voice is spoken by Kirk Thatcher.


Picture of Jim


Jim is Mr Wrenchmuller's trusty hound. Capable of changing batteries in a camera, he is possibly more intelligent than his owner.



Yes Captain Bipto, however my new alliegence to his Imperial Majesty might come to light if I neglect my regular patrons. We must keep up the appearance of a normal functioning Fuel Dispensing Depot, while we act as undercover agents of Mars.

Verndroid is the product of Captain Bipto's darstardly device attached to the neck of mild mannered Vern, the Big Bean mechanic. Will Vern ever be the same?

Verndroid is played by the same guy who plays Vern, I guess.

The Farmzoid

Picture of The Farmzoid

Verndroid, I can't contact the ship, or the invasion force. I can only assume the worst. We must build an attack vehicle, something that will strike terror into whohever sets eyes upon it, something with huge wheels, so we can crush the panicking populace, something from which I can overlook the battlefield and direct our victorious invasion force.

The Farmzoid was originally planned by Vern as a vehicle to make all of Big Bean profitable but its purpose was twisted by Verndroid into a war machine of staggering proportions.

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16 Feb 1998