Script Contents

Welcome to the Spaced Invaders script. This table of contents will help you navigate around the script without getting as lost as you otherwise might.


  1. The Opening Credits, where we find out the names of the stars and the name of the movie.
  2. The First Act, in which the Martians land and we're introduced to the Big Bean locals.
  3. The Second Act, in which the Martians launch their assault, only to find it having unexpected consequences.
  4. The Third Act, in which everyone discovers the truth of the situation.
  5. The Fourth Act, in which the aliens escape.
  6. The Closing Credits, in which we find out more about the people who created the movie.


The script was typed in by me, Quinn "The Eskimo!", by watching a video of the movie and typing in each line. I would like to thank Andrew Nielsen, whose VCR I ruined in the process of transcribing this. I would like to thank the people who broke into our house and stole the VCR and thereby ensured that Andrew didn't kill me for ruining his VCR.

All of the script structure, as described in the table of contents above, is a figment of my imagination and most probably bears no resemblence to the real script's structure.

If you have any comments or criticisms of the script or this TOC, please let me know.

Quinn "The Eskimo!"
16 Feb 1998