Spaced Invaders Trivia


Trivia File

What's a web page without a trivia file? Well here are some trivial questions and anwers about Spaced Invaders.


  1. What is the official designation of the aliens space ship?
  2. Where did that name come from?
  3. What was the original name of the movie?
  4. How much did the movie cost to make?
  5. How many times in a row does Giggywig say "fix it"?


  1. Asteroid Patrol Ship X59-YPQ.
  2. It was the licence plate of the '82 Dodge Colt that Patrick Read Johnson was driving at the time the movie was made.
  3. MARTIANS!!!
  4. The final budget was US$2.25 million.
  5. 6

Quinn "The Eskimo!"
16 Feb 1998