Roswell 2K Photos

This page includes numerous photos of the various New Beetles at the Roswell 2K car show.

Book Bugs

Two Bugs at the show featured iBooks. The most impressive was SPACEPOD, which included two iBook that implemented a live webcam. The hardware and software combination uploaded pictures to a web site live from the show.

The other iBook Bug simply featured an iBook on the dash. Talking with the owners it appears that they were dedicated Mac users. Good to see!

Beautiful Bugs

The Bug on the left is one of my favourite bugs, a retro 'woody' Bug. The bug on the right is similar, but not as good IMHO.

There were three different Bugs resprayed with 'chameleon' paint. The following is just one example. I didn't get photos of the others (ran out of space on my camera) but one of the others, the New Dimensions demo car, is easily found on the web.

It is very hard to capture the appeal of this paint work in a photo; to truly appreciate it you must walk around the car and watch the chameleon paint change colour.

Cutesy Bugs

Two Bugs featured daisy wheels, which is both a terribly pun (think back to the early days of printers) and incredibly cute.

The Bug below has eyelashes!

There were two Herbie bugs at the show (kinda like showing up to the prom in the same dress), although I only captured one on film.

The fire Bug below was a lot of fun. The owner is actually a volunteer fire fighter. Alas, he couldn't get the FIREBUG licence plate for his home state; it was already taken.

Flaming Bugs

Three different bugs featured flaming paint jobs. The first, DEBBIE, actually won best of show, although I personally preferred the firey orange Bug.

New New Bugs

VW released two new New Beetle colours, Reflex and Vapour, just before the show. When I saw the adverts I thought "They must be better in the flesh", however seeing them up close left my underwhelmed. Erica, however, really likes Vapour.

Theme Bugs

Obviously alien-themed Bugs were a dime a dozen at the show, but the M&M Bug was unexpected.

Wacky Bug Plates

I've see the first joke before, but it's good to see it in the flesh. The 53 MPG plate refers to the fuel consumption of the 1.9L Turbo Diesel Injected (TDI) New Beetle (not available in California).

Bug Backs

I loved the rear window of this Bug, complete with "Follow us to Roswell 2K" sign.

The rear window of the next Bug tells a sad story.

I'm a rental. Mille, the beloved silver was kissed by an alien (???) and is in a VW recovery shop. However, the mothership in her divine wisdom provided me with Sub Bug! This batik has had a tough life. Inside and outside abuse! Her bud vase is missing! (Please note improvisation) "All pods go to Roswell" and so Sub Bug is here! -- dinkiebug

Quinn "The Eskimo!"
7 Jul 2000