Spaced Invaders Executive Summary

Read this page to discover the importance of Spaced Invaders in the lives of many, the boring facts of the movie and the basic plot.


Spaced Invaders is, of course, the best movie ever made. But wait! You don't have to take my word for it. Here are some genuine endorsements by people who've seen:

So why do all of these normally sane people suddenly go gaga over this movie? To find out, you must read on.

Just the Facts Ma'am

Spaced Invaders was made in the late 1980's by Smart Egg Pictures, an independent film company. After Steven Spielberg saw the film and enjoyed it, it was picked up for distribution in 1989 by Touchstone Pictures, the branch of Disney responsible for making serious films. Hmm, well they seemed to have failed there. It is a G-rated comedy, ostensibly targetted at children, but it also contains very sharp dialogue that appeals to adults of all ages. The film was written by Patrick Read Johnson and Scott Lawrence Alexander and directed by Patrick Read Johnson.

Plot Summary

The basic plot involves a group of incompetant Martians on asteroid patrol who, hearing a Halloween replay of Orson Welles' classic "War of the Worlds" broadcast, mistakenly assume that Earth is being invaded by Mars and that they should "get in on all the fun". Unfortunately the Martian Invasion Force has been destroyed in battle off Arcturus, and the aliens crash land in Big Bean, Illinois with no support. The locals, in the middle of their Halloween celebrations, assume that our five fearless warriors are kids dressed as Martians and rather than "quivvering in fear at our menacing faces and sinister looking weaponary", instead take them out trick-or-treating. The rest of the story describes how the aliens repair their ship and return to Mars, after destroying the Enforcer Drone, a sinister robot installed in the ship, designed to "remove any weak links in the command chain".

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16 Feb 1998